Boy saving money in a piggybank - isolated over a white background

How to Save More Money Quickly and Simply

If you already have savings but want to save more, there are simple and easy tricks to help you do just that. Below are some of the things you can do. Keep at it for an entire year and you’ll see that you’ll have stashed away more money than last year.

Make saving automatic

Saving when it has become a habit is as easy as ABC. If you’re struggling to make it a part of your lifestyle, you can set it up to be an automatic monthly affair. As soon as your paycheck comes in, let your bank deduct a certain percentage to set aside for savings. What’s left is for your monthly expenses.

Saving automatically sets you up for success. In essence, this is money you don’t see therefore making it easier for you to save in the end.

Eat healthy and at home

It’s also the best time to start eating healthy and at home. That means cutting down on take-outs and dining out. Start planning your meals and cook them at home. Bring your own lunch if you’re off to work. By simply doing this one change, you’ll be surprised at the amount of money you can save in a year. From groceries to medical bills, this move brims with savings potential.

Downgrade your phone plan

You might also want to consider downgrading your phone contract plan. If you’ve noticed your monthly bill getting out of hand and even if not, switching things up a bit can do wonders for your savings.

Rather than rely on your data plan all the time, take advantage of free Wi-Fi networks instead. You can also download money-saving apps to help you cut down your phone bill.

Eliminate unnecessary subscriptions

If you have a magazine subscription you don’t really fully maximize, unsubscribe as soon as you can and add the money to your savings account. Check your monthly expenses and eliminate unnecessary expenses. You might think everything’s necessary but think again. It pays to double check.

Use and bring cash all the time

If possible, use only cash when paying for something or buying things. While rather old fashioned, cash is a simple and effective reminder that you should put a tight reign on your spending. Cash offers you a tangible look of the amount of money you have as opposed to credit cards which encourages the constant quest for instant gratification.